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On December 30,2019, Xiaoxue, editor-in-chief of ELLE World Fashion Court, updated a photo of his hand holding the founder's number and posted with emotion the news of his official departure, with wishes from Yang mi, Dilraba, Zhao Wei, Yang Zi, Yuan Quan and supermodel Liu Wen. A photo shared by Xiaoxue was taken in 2007 at the ELLE editorial office in Shanghai's Book City, where she smiled at the elegance and pride of the camera, holding the first issue of the 1988 issue of ELLE World Fashion Garden. In 2006, Xiaoxue formally joined ELLE World Fashion Court as publisher and editorial director.


On December 30,2019, according to multiple netizens, Zara's four stores in Wuhan are currently affixed with a seal. The official website also cannot inquire to Wuhan store information. And at the beginning of December, Zara, who is based in Wuhan's central department store, posted a discount for the biggest \"window period\" of sales promotions since December 28,2019. In response, Zara later issued an official statement:\" Zara is currently upgrading its stores in Wuhan. During this period, customers in Wuhan can go to the official website to purchase products. We expect stores in Wuhan to reopen as soon as possible.


After 12 o'clock on Jan.1, consumers reported that Dior's China website had made a formal price adjustment, and the BookTote blue Obrique embroidered tote bag rose from 19500 yuan to 22,000 yuan, with a price increase of about 13%. As of press release, Dior customer service did not connect the author's inquiry phone. As early as early as early November 2019, some items from brands such as LV, Chanel, Dior, Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta were priced around 4%-14%.


Recently, the official website of the State Administration of Market Supervision reported the quality supervision and spot check of 51 products such as children's shoes in 2019. In the inspection of 6774 batches of products produced by 6336 enterprises, a total of 825 batches of products were detected to be unqualified. Among them, Shanghai Huili shoes Co., Ltd. produced WZ-9047 children's shoes quality inspection is not qualified, the unqualified item is phthalate. This chemical, which is often used in the rubber and plastic parts of the side of children's shoes, may affect male fertility, increase the odds of breast cancer in women, or cause precocious puberty in children.


On December 12,2019, Beijing Shangpin Baizi Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Shangpin Baizi) was listed by the Chaoyang District People's Court of Beijing as the executor of the breach of trust, commonly known as the \"old scoundrel \", because of its partial failure to fulfill the obligation to pay wages and overtime wages and to cancel the compensation for the illegal labor contract, according to the sky-eye survey data. On july 30 last year, shangpin announced that it could not continue to provide services to a wide range of users because of the financing restructuring and business constraints, so its website and app are out of operation.

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