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On January 3,2020, Zhou Guodong, a Changde boy in Hunan Province, surprised and surprised him with a letter he wrote to himself in 2020 at the age of 14 seven years ago. It turned out that in 2013, the Changde Dingcheng Post Office held a \"letter to 2020\" event, when more than 13000 students wrote a letter to themselves in 2020 that would be sent seven years later.


Now that 2020 has come, the more than 10,000 letters are beginning to be sent. The event's planners said the event was designed to foster the habit of children writing letters, which have been kept in separate archives. The delivery workers said that because of the long intervals and the fact that many children didn't leave phone calls, the delivery was much more difficult, but still hoped that more than 10,000 letters would be delivered to each child accurately, allowing them to review their seven-year dream effort.


“When I received a phone call from the post office that I had written a letter seven years ago, I couldn't remember myself at all, but the moment I got it, I felt all the memories of the year come to life. On the afternoon of January 3,2020, Zhou Guodong of Changde, Hunan Province, received a special letter. The letter came from himself, aged 14 seven years ago, and the recipient on the envelope read," I - Boss Zhou, seven years later."


Seven years later, zhou guodong, who has not yet become zhou's boss, received the letter as scheduled. When yang guangjun, the delivery monitor of dingcheng postal staff, contacted him, he was doing his senior winter vacation internship in Changde. \"My university in the field, winter vacation back to practice, the postal staff first contacted my mother, and then my mother contacted me, and finally the letter was sent to my internship place, I personally signed.


Back in 2013, more than 13000 students in the city of Changde Ding wrote letters to themselves in 2020 like Zhou Guodong. The letters have been kept in the archives of the Dingcheng Post Office, and it is now time for them to be returned to those who wrote them. \"We've been delivering the letters since January 1,2020, and because of the long intervals, many people have changed addresses, so they're slower to deliver, and hundreds of them in three days. Yang Guanjun told Beiqing newspaper reporters.


The letters are understood to have come from an event planned by the Changde Dingcheng Post Office in 2013 called \"Chinese Dream, My Dream - Letters to 2020.\" On the afternoon of january 3, the north green newspaper contacted the event's mastermind, lu hongping, who worked at the dingcheng post office seven years ago and had been transferred to the changde post office seven years later, but the more than 13000 letters were something she had been thinking about.


“The main purpose of the event was to mobilize and cultivate the habit of writing and sending letters to children, perhaps many of whom had not written much, plus the fact that soon after the Chinese Dream had been introduced, we thought that every child's dream was part of the Chinese Dream, and that seven years had given the child time to grow and realize it. said Lu Hongping.


Lu Hongping recalled that in order to promote the event, they were in Dingcheng City,20 or 30 schools a preaching, the entire interaction lasted a year. \"Fortunately, the school and the parents thought it was a good thing, so in the end we received more than 13000 letters and kept them at the Dingcheng Post Office. Then I moved away, but I didn't think the letters could be handled just because I moved away, so every time I changed the management, I would tell the new people and hand over the letters.


“Although we did the event seven years later, considering the difficulty of delivering the envelope, it's still a lot more difficult to deliver the envelope." Lu told beiqing that some of the children did not leave the contact information of parents, even some of the children left the address as "mars" and "moon ", some although left the phone, but seven years later has changed the number, some of the addresses have been removed cannot contact. "When we were promoting it, the envelope of a letter was stamped with a dollar stamp, and now it is more than the cost of a letter. Lu Hongping laughed.


“When we deliver it, we sort it out, check the latest addresses, and then deliver it like a courier." Mr Yang said that in order to try to get them all to receive the letter successfully, these days everyone is working overtime to sort, package and deliver. "It's tough, but we feel a sense of accomplishment for each successful delivery, looking at their surprise look.


Mr Yang said he hoped more than 10,000 letters would be delivered to every child accurately, allowing them to look back at their seven-year dream effort.


For most recipients, the first reaction to the seven-year-old letter was often \"masked \". Mr. Zhou said he had no recollection of writing such a letter when he received the call, even suspecting that the postman was mistaken. 'It wasn't until I got the letter that I saw the handwriting that I had a sense of it, but I still couldn't remember what I'd written, but it was really a surprise.' Mr zhou said he wanted to be a big boss when he was a kid, so he wrote \"boss zhou\" on the envelope and is now a senior in design. \"You can't be a boss now, but in a few years'time, having a studio of your own would be a dream come true.


Like Zhou Guodong, Xiong Shiqi, who is attending university in Huaihua, Hunan, received a phone call from her mother at her home in Changde on the afternoon of January 3, telling her she had received a letter from seven years ago. Mr. Xiong said he could not remember what he had written, but vaguely recalled the 14-year-old's vision of becoming an \"all-powerful career elite \". Nowadays, Xiong Shiqi is a normal student majoring in musicology, and if there is no accident, she hopes to become a music teacher after graduation. (Text\/New York Lee)